April 20th, 2011


A Bad Year For UNIT

Greatly shocked and saddened to learn of Elisabeth Sladen's death, especially so soon after Nicholas Courtney. She was only 63, fit enough to leap around battling aliens in The Sarah Jane Adventures, and was by all accounts and appearances a lovely, bubbly person. I'm sure I'm not the only one who had no idea she'd been fighting 'a long battle with cancer'.

Someone posted this to ihasatardis and it made me cry:

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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Rambler Gambler

Yesterday evening took an unexpected turn when I bumped into atommickbrane just off Soho Square and was whisked away to yet another excellent nou-arranged Chinese meal.

While we waited for kickoff, we paid a visit to the Trocadero to play DDR. When I'd admitted defeat and Sarah was having a solo expert game, I found one of those machines that takes 2p pieces, shuffles them along and dispenses other 2p pieces along with small prizes. Among the goodies on offer were little plastic scooters.

I got myself 20p's worth of tuppences from a change machine and starting dropping them down the slot in what I imagined was a strategic fashion.

I won some 2ps, and a plastic pig, and some more 2ps and a plastic sheep. Then I ran out of 2ps and dispatched Sarah to get me some more while I guarded my station.

Finally, finally, the machine disgorged my scooter.

And some more 2ps.

Offsetting my losses with my winnings, I paid 22p for ten minutes' entertainment plus a sheep, a pig and a scooter. Not bad!

(Please overlook the crumbs in my keyboard.)
Orange Vespa Huskyteer

One Of A Kind

Because of the wet and salty winter, and because Vespa exhausts are made of cheese, my GT200's pipe had been getting progressively noisier and rustier.

A friend from the Vespa forum kindly donated her old exhaust, which was surplus to requirements following an upgrade. My plan was to whack some high-temperature paint on it to delay the inevitable rusting for a little longer.

By coincidence, around this time I received an email from Mr Fastner with a clearance offer on high-temperature paint in red or yellow.

What do red and yellow make?


What's my scooter's 'accent colour'?

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