April 14th, 2011

Husky Airways

Exploded In The Hangar

Yesterday I took the afternoon off in order to attend a recording of Cabin Pressure with slightlyfoxed. (I had applied unsuccessfully for tickets, but Slightly had got lucky and generously offered me her spare.)

To our huge disappointment, however, we were turned away at the door of the Drill Hall because the auditorium was already full.

Curse you, Benedict Cumberbatch, and your sudden popularity surge, rendering life difficult for those of us who simply happen to enjoy whimsical sitcoms about pilots!

So we gathered up spyinthehaus and went for a Turkish lunch - not the afternoon we'd planned, but pleasant nonetheless.

I'll just have to catch up with Cabin Pressure when it goes out, with all the other plebs.
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Technowin: The Tedious Details

So it turned out that I didn't need to upgrade my entire operating system for it to recognise my new-to-me iPod Touch, just iTunes. (I gave up updating iTunes some time ago because each new version was more annoying than the last.)

I have synced music, photos and contacts from my Mac, I have set up my email and successfully connected to Catbasket, the house wireless network, and I have downloaded a bunch of pointless timewasting crap from the App Store.

Now I can Tweet about what I'm having for supper while I'm actually eating it, and send emails with a smug 'Sent from my [device]' signature. FEAR ME.

The one thing I haven't tried yet is listening to music on it...
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