August 26th, 2010

Husky Airways


In twenty-four hours, all being well, I shall be on my way to Stansted Airport to meet with silvante and get on a plane to Gothenburg City/Göteborg.

We are off to an airshow featuring lots of Swedish aviation, which makes me very excited. It's looking as though it might be a bit damp, but I am no stranger to damp airshows and there should be plenty to do at ground level i.e. buying every piece of tat with a Viggen on it that I can lay my hands on.

The Viggen itself vanished from the flying programme a few days ago, to my great annoyance, but there should be a static one on the ground. silverwindblade predicts I will be arrested for licking it. We shall see.

And if the show wasn't excitement enough, we will be staying in a boat!

Other proposed entertainment for the weekend: eating marzipan cakes and practising my half-dozen words of Swedish, which include 'hello', 'thank you', 'dogsled' and 'lump sugar'.
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