July 12th, 2010


Rumble in Sidcup

On Sunday I unwillingly took part in a karate tournament, because brown belts have to Set An Example to the lower grades.

I entered for team kata because I like it, and team kumite (sparring) because Sensei dearly wanted to put a team together from his dojo and I was the only person over 16 available to make up the numbers.

The adults' events were in the afternoon, which meant I had nothing to do all morning. It was quite fun watching the kids do their stuff, though, as they're so, so, so serious and solemn about it all.

During the break our senior Sensei asked me if I'd take part in the Female Open individual kata and kumite too, as there weren't many entrants. I said yes, or rather hai! (If senior Sensei asked me to jump off a cliff, I would jump off a cliff, as it would be less scary than the alternative.)

In the individual kata, you're called up in pairs, given a kata to perform, and three judges each hold up a flag to indicate their choice of winner. I had high hopes for this event which were dashed immediately when I came up against a black belt in the first round and was defeated.

Individual kumite was next, and I found myself facing the same black belt. I lost to her, then I lost to my friend Tammy, and that was the end of the individual kumite.

Team kumite was the last event, and it turned out that only two teams had entered. The five of us from Orpington dojo went up in turn against the other group. I was fourth, and lo and behold - my opponent was that black belt, again, and I lost again.

But our team scored three victories out of five, and we had won!

So I lost everything and got a medal. There's a moral here somewhere.