May 25th, 2010

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Special Delivery

We all know how annoying it is to get parcels delivered when you have to go to work, or indeed when you don't but might want to pop to the shops or something rather than wait in all day for a probably fictitious package.

My elderly neighbour usually ends up signing for my stuff, and I feel terribly guilty listening to him shuffle down the stairs with whatever enormous item of motorcycle kit I've ordered. (I always apologise profusely and he never seems to mind. Perhaps he likes opening the door to young women when he's only wearing a vest.)

Yesterday I received an email telling me a package would be incoming on May 25th and would I 'please ensure' someone would be there to sign for it. This struck me as a bit snooty, plus I knew full well there would be nobody there to sign for it unless it turned up before nine in the morning and I'd end up schlepping over to Dartford or Swanley or one of the other godforsaken places they put parcel depots.

This morning, another email: my package was on the van and would be delivered between 08:37 and 09:37. O rly, I thought, still not convinced. Five to nine, door buzzer sounds, smiley bloke on doorstep with parcel and electronic pad thing to sign.

Furthermore, had that time not been convenient, I could have selected another one online.

I am well impressed. If you're ever offered a choice of courier service, pick Interlink Express.

Oh, and I'm very pleased with my summer bike jacket too.