May 10th, 2010

Dogfight [by the_gneech]

Defying The Ground

Saturday was moving day for mrs_leroy_brown, so I popped over to New Cross to tote boxes along with the very cream of LiveJournal.

When we'd seen the man-and-van off on its journey to far North London, we decamped to a nearby pub for lunch. Unfortunately service was a little slow and I ended up having my burger and chips wrapped in foil to take away.

The reason for my haste was that I was heading to Greenwich Theatre to see Those Magnificent Men.

This was not only a highly suitable play for me, being a comedy about Alcock and Brown's history-making transatlantic flight, but had added interest as it was co-written by mockduck's husband.

The next people to come through the theatre doors as I was collecting my ticket, I realised instantly, could only be mockduck and entourage. I did my best hi-I'm-a-creepy-weirdo smile until I was recognised in return, and that's another internet friend ticked off, and a very nice if brief chat too.

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I eventually microwaved my lunch shortly before six and ate it in front of Doctor Who hoping it wouldn't poison me.