April 30th, 2010

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Topical Church Poster of the Week

You know how churches sometimes put up posters with terribly lame puns or pop culture references, in an attempt to be down with the kids? One I pass in Beckenham can usually be relied on for quality output:
Who will be your leader? Choose the right cross.
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Long Sleeves For The Summer

It's that time of year when I optimistically buy new clothes for summer, still believing despite many, many knockbacks that a) we will get a summer and b) new clothes will stay looking lovely and not be irredeemably scrumpled and stained by the end of their first outing like the rest of my so-called wardrobe.

I have made my first ever purchase from the Boden catalogue! I've definitely arrived, but where I cannot tell.

Also, if there is anything squarer than wearing Marks & Spencer jeans, it has to be wearing £12 'Outstanding Value' M&S jeans. But they fit and they're nice, and they're less than half the price of a pair of caffeine-enhanced knickers...