January 20th, 2010


Two Pieces Of Tape Till Black Belt

What with the recent inclement weather, last night was my first karate class of the year.

That means it's time for my annual post about how many years I've been going, and this time round, my goodness, it's eight.

I've officially been doing karate for longer than I've ever sustained a relationship.

Why aren't I a black belt by now? In karate, not relationships; I'm not sure I'll ever be much cop at those.

Tuesday night is Senior Class, where the SRS BSNS goes on, and Sensei was in good form. [Imagine here, if you will, a paragraph filled with karate terminology which is incomprehensible to the layperson but nonetheless conveys the impression that I worked damn hard. Thank you.]

I hope this year I will reach second kyu and acquire the coveted strip of black insulating tape around my brown belt. After that, it's just one more piece of tape until black!
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