January 17th, 2010

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Cool Fun

Yesterday I went ice skating at Somerset House with my friend Oli.

Our timing could have been better: for the last week and a half it's undoubtedly been a magical winter wonderland down there, whereas yesterday was grey and rainy. Still, we had fun.

As I was parking under the Hayward Gallery I remembered I'd forgotten to bring gloves, and ice hurts without them. Luckily I did, of course, have motorcycle gloves with me, which I figured would also protect me from getting my fingers sliced off if someone skated over them while I was prone (such is the power playground horror stories still hold over me).

Since I was also wearing my motorcycle jacket, which has elbow, shoulder and back armour, I was about as well-equipped as I could be.

Skate technology has moved on since last I ventured onto the ice, and I was given a pair of what were essentially trainers with blades underneath - Nikes, no less.

I strapped them up tight to ensure good ankle support, with the result that I was in acute arch agony within a minute and had to retire and retie.

After the usual ten seconds of 'I am never letting go of this barrier ever', I ventured out across the rink. The rain had stopped, it was dusk, and coloured lights and projected snowflakes played across the ice.

The PA played the theme from Quantum of Solace and I remembered how much I like this skating lark and wondered why I only go once every couple of years or so. Then they played 'Champagne Supernova', and suddenly the last twelve years hadn't happened and I was circling the Oxford rink with a bunch of maths geeks.

Then Oli said "I suppose the young people of today consider this classic rock", and the moment was lost.

And I didn't fall over! Someone did crash into me from behind and nearly took me down with them, but Oli grabbed my elbow in a very chivalrous way and I was saved.
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