December 1st, 2009

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Round Britain Rally: Results

The results of the Round Britain Rally are in!

I got my Silver award with 845 points out of a possible 2000 - which, according to my spreadsheet, means all the landmarks I did do were the right thing and correctly photographed.

I came 83rd out of 165 finishers, almost exactly halfway down the list.

Now, what shall I do next year? How about this? Why do all bike rally organisers use Comic Sans?
This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Beautiful, Man

I went to see Taking Woodstock last night. Reviews had been mixed and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I loved it.

Elliot is a nice Jewish boy whose parents own a filthy, failing motel in the Catskills. When he hears that a nearby town has rejected plans for a music festival, he spots an opportunity for his parents and the rest of the community.

Soon White Lake, NY is knee-deep in mud, hippies and deep-voiced transvestites who fought in Korea. Woodstock happens on a dairy farm hitherto known only for the superior quality of its chocolate milk.

The sets and scenery are lovingly shot, taking us from the kitschy El Monaco with its laughably optimistic signs hand-painted by Elliot ('Future Site of Casino') to the psychedelic patterns and colours of the festival-goers and their camper vans. Imelda Staunton shows off her enormous acting range as the hero's mother, there's that bloke from A Mighty Wind and also that bloke from Frasier.

My companion pointed out that the use of split-screen was a homage to the Woodstock movie, which we saw together, and several scenes were faithful recreations of iconic images from the film of the event.

It's not perfect. The acid trip scene goes on way too long and much is left unresolved - Collapse ) - but it's sweet and watchable. By halfway through I had resolved to buy it on DVD when it comes out (and also read the book).

And, of course, the soundtrack is fantastic.
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