December 26th, 2008

Christmas husky

Merry Christmas? Yes, it was

This was a rather different Christmas: the first with my mum in her new home. Apart from one, every previous Christmas that I can remember had been spent at the house where I grew up. I thought it would be utterly strange, but the thatched cottage is so cosy and the fairy lights round the fireplace so festive that I was at home and Christmassy the moment I arrived.

Given that it was just the two of us, there seemed to be an enormous stack of presents awaiting our attention. I still simmer with impatience until present-opening time, but at 31 I'm loth to admit it, so I had to wait until callmemadam wondered aloud when we should open them, to which I said "NOW!"

My mum gave me a very adorable cuddly husky, which amused me because my parents insisted over a decade ago that they were never giving me cuddly animals again since I had far too many and was far too old, as well as some hand-knitted bedsocks which are apparently not pink despite my suspicions. My magic auntie gave me a new wallet although she couldn't possibly have known that the zip on my old one had broken, and some treats from the lesser magic of my Amazon wishlist.

We had our Christmas dinner at the pub up the road - another first - as callmemadam hadn't known whether there would be a cooker installed at home in time. My mum thought not cooking would be a great treat, but in fact spent the morning wandering about wondering why she didn't have anything to do and there was no smell of roasting from the kitchen.

The disadvantage of dinner out is you can't have it exactly the way you wanted. If I'd had my choice I would have had many more roast potatoes, much less turkey, two Brussels sprouts and no gravy. And how are we to manage with no turkey sandwiches and no Boxing Day turkey curry, eh?

The advantage is simply walking in, eating it and walking (or staggering) out again with no washing-up. Plus I got to have trifle instead of Christmas pudding.

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I hope everyone on my Friends list had as nice a Christmas as mine, and thanks to everyone who wished me a good one by card, text or email.

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