December 22nd, 2008

This IS me (by schwitters)Default


On Friday night my colleagues and I went here for our Christmas meal, to my great excitement as I'd been longing to go ever since reading goodtastefeed's review. We were all geekily enthused by the interactive tables: a round recess at each place setting acts as a trackpad, allowing you to examine drop-down menus, select your food and drink, place your order - and, of course, order outrageous things on your colleagues' behalves while they've nipped to the loo. When you hover over a menu item a photo of it appears where your plate would be, so you can see whether or not you fancy eating it.

You can also set the 'ambiance' by choosing a pattern or image for your tablecloth, summon a waiter, watch Chef Cam, examine your order so far and see how much you've spent plus the total for your group (yikes! oh well, the boss is paying, whack on more sake), or even play Battleships with the person opposite you (which must have killed many a promising relationship).

I had a fabulous starter of baby prawns in crispy batter with some sort of chilli jam, then duck which was fairly ordinary and my know-it-all colleague informed me was overcooked (so I'm not letting him taste my food again).

By the time we came to order dessert there were only two choices left on the menu, ice cream or sorbet, which was a bit poor for twenty to eight in the evening but nevertheless delicious.

Afterwards we descended to the bar, then to a nearby pub, then I scarpered to catch the last train back to Bromley. I think I may have had twelve gins over six hours. A good night.