December 18th, 2008

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Feels Like The End Of An Era

Last week 'Max' the 2004 Gilera Nexus in Dragon Red rolled out of my life after three and a half years of fun, to spend its retirement commuting between Stevenage and central London. As a parting shot, it refused to start for its new owner and we had to ring the AA for a jump.

I have loved every one of my bikes, but each relationship has been different. With some it's been passionate, some comfortable, some fraught. From some I've parted amicably, with others it's been a painful loss. I have had bikes I loved more than I loved this one - bikes I still miss. But I've never previously been so involved with a bike.

It's not just that we covered more miles than I've ever done before, and went to more countries (Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland). I made more of an effort on the mechanical side of things - previously, if a bulb blew I took it to the shop - and made some simple modifications and prettifications. I started riding in groups as well as on my own, which brought me new friends. I'd always classed myself as a biker, but now I was part of the biker community.

The Nexus marks a chapter in my life full of growth, discovery and adventure. I look forward to what the GP800 will bring. In the meantime, goodbye and thanks.

In the Pyrenees
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