June 20th, 2007

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Addition To The Family

I have a confession to make.

Some time ago spidermouse asked if I could give a home to any further gerbils, as she knew of some needy ones. I refused because I thought two was quite enough gerbils for any sensible household.

Er, make that three.

So I was looking for something else entirely, yes really, and found myself on RSPCA Medway's website, where I spotted the photo of a particularly cute specimen. One thing led to another, and calgor kindly collected him for me yesterday.

I am going to turn into a crazy old gerbil lady who lives alone and talks to herself and smells of gerbil. Then I'll die and be eaten, by gerbils.

Oh well. There are worse fates.

New Gerbil has no name yet; the RSPCA called him 'CG', which is a bit impersonal. He is smaller than Chip and Pin, either as a result of living from paw to mouth or because they're greedy great sods, and has a very pretty coat rather like a Shetland sheepdog's. He's highly active and inquisitive and can shred a loo roll tube inside two minutes.

I came up with 'Sheltie' or 'Merle' (though the latter makes me think of fat ladies in Far Side cartoons), while calgor's thoughts turned to 'Solo' (alternative payment method to Chip and Pin, and because he'll be living on his own).

What do you think I should call him?

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What should I call him?

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