January 23rd, 2007

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Shiny Happy Beemers

"I know that song," said I as I walked into the living-room to find calgor catching a breakfast news report of the Devon looters beachcombers. After the cogs had ground for a bit I realised that the BBC were choosing to accompany the story with 'New Orleans Instrumental No. 1' from REM's Automatic for the People.

Not sure what the reasoning behind that pick was, but a nicer start to my morning than whatever Wogan was playing on R2.
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    New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 - R.E.M.
This IS me (by schwitters)Default

This Is A Hold-Up

It was so cold this morning that I put on a balaclava under my motorcycle helmet.

Then I remembered I needed to stop for petrol.

Nobody demanded to see my face. Possibly the sight of me attempting to activate the pump while wearing woolly inner gloves under two-finger lobsterclaw motorcycle mittens convinced them I didn't pose much of a threat.
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