October 30th, 2006

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Twenty-First Century Blues

Last week I bit the bullet and ordered a new mobile phone after several months spent trying to ignore the fact that my beloved four-year-old Nokia 5510 was slowly dying (line crackly, turned itself off at random, case falling apart, occasionally person at other end couldn't hear me at all).

By the time my shiny orange Motorola Pebl arrived on Saturday I'd talked myself round and was looking forward to entering the world of colour screens, MP3 ringtones and built-in videocameras, so it was something of a blow to find the new phone wouldn't accept my old SIM card.

The old card works fine in my old phone - and AFAIK any other phone. The new SIM card Virgin sent me in the hope I would pass it on to a friend works in both the old and new phones. It's only the ideal combination of old card/new phone that eludes me.

After twenty minutes on hold, a nice customer service agent has arranged to send me a replacement SIM card with my old details on it. The problems are:
  1. It won't have my stored phone numbers on, so I have to transfer these from old-phone-SIM-card to old-phone-battery, thence to put them on the new-SIM-old-number when it arrives
  2. Said battery has less memory than the SIM card (my new one will have many times more memory than I have friends) so I ran out of room on the Rs and am having to write the rest down
  3. When they send out the new card they'll cancel the old one, so I'll be without a mobile number for an uncertain period of time, beginning at some point today
Technology, eh?

(Virgin's hold music was an easy-listening version of Boys Don't Cry by the Cure. I found this rather bizarre.)
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