October 18th, 2006

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Cut Off From The Outside World

I have not been about on LiveJournal this week, nor any of my other online hangouts. This is because the internet connection at work has been down since first thing Monday morning - not, for once, due to our incompetent IT providers but because some silly sod has sliced through a cable outside our building.

There are limited things a Website Developer can do offline. I've tidied my desk and played a lot of Minesweeper. This morning I arrived to find that the external phone line was out too.

So I'm back at home, where I can actually access the internet, in order to put a notice on the home page explaining that it's currently useless trying to get in touch with anyone at HQ by any means other than carrier pigeon. Communication with the office is by text via a colleague, since my boss chose today to forget her mobile phone.

Having achieved more in five minutes at home than I have in two days at work, I might as well knock off for the day.
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