September 4th, 2006

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One for All and All for One

As soon as I got my first scooter in 1998 I realised I had become part of something bigger than myself. Other bikers would nod to me on the road, and strike up conversation at petrol stations. And if my bike and I were ever in trouble, it was invariably a motorcyclist who would pick us up, dust us down and sort us out.

A striking example of biker camaraderie was picking my Nexus up from Fowlers on Friday.

I met with Jim, one of my friends from the X9 Forum, at Richmond station and he gave me a pillion ride down to Bristol. At Fowlers we were joined by three other Forum members, one of whom had never met me in person before, and the four of them provided much-needed support as I told the workshop manager exactly why I was unhappy with the service I had received.

When I got the bike in my clutches I found that some of the bodywork had been put together carelessly and wasn't flush. We took some photos and I demanded that someone come out and fix things right away. I'm no good at complaining and I don't think I could have said anything without my cheerleaders.

At last I was free to ride away, and we all jaunted down to Melksham for tea and sandwiches at a member's house.

As well as a posse on the day, I've had endless support, encouragement and consolation on the discussion forum.

It may be a peer group whose members are mostly old enough (and male enough) to be my father, but it is a fine peer group nonetheless and I'm ever so grateful for it.

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My Month In Books

I don't normally record the books I've been reading, but I noticed I was getting through a heck of a lot this month what with not having a scooter and I do enjoy the lists posted by callmemadam and others.

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I conclude that I get through three times as many books when I have to go to work on the train. I'd still rather have my bike, though. Who knew I was such a philistine?
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