August 30th, 2006

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Old Two Bikes

Tired of being without my scooter for so long, I've bought another one.

This isn't as profligate as it sounds; owning two bikes is an idea I've played with for some time. A 125cc for commuting will use less petrol, fit in smaller parking spaces and do 100 miles a week that would otherwise be decreasing the value and wearing out the parts of my main bike. And should something occur which, for example, made one of my bikes unavailable for two months, I would have a spare. If it turns out I've got my sums wrong and I find it uneconomical or inconvenient to run two bikes, I can always sell it again.

Eagle-eyed cybersofa spotted a suitable mount in his local paper and was kind enough to perform an inspection for me. He gave a favourable review, so on Saturday, cash in hand, I travelled to Blandford on his pillion and rode away on my very own Vespa ET4 in Dragon Red (to match the Nexus).

I've had two ET4s in the past and they're as reliable as they are cute, so I think I'll be very happy with this one. It certainly coped with being thrashed up the M3 on Monday night, and has thus far been a honey to commute with. (After four years and 4000 miles of pottering in the countryside, the poor thing doesn't know what's hit it.)

Today, of course, I got a call from Fowlers to say the Nexus is ready for collection. I hope it won't be too browned off that I've installed another scooter in its absence.

"But darling, you were gone such a long time...I got lonely...I have needs!"
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