August 15th, 2006

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I Want My Baby Back

Some of you might remember that once upon a time I had a scooter.

When it broke down towards the end of June I had it taken it to a well-known purveyor of Piaggio and Triumph machines in Bristol, since I was on my way to Wales at the time and they were handy and had a good reputation.

It was two weeks before they even looked at the bike. Once they did, a mystery fault was diagnosed somewhere within the electrics requiring a whole new wiring loom (whatever that is). There was some delay while they found out whether or not this was covered by my warranty (it bloody well should be, and it was), then they finally ordered the part and told me it would turn up in 5-10 days.

I phoned them today, this time period being well passed (I have been ringing every few days in order to be told 'it hasn't come yet, we'll ring you when it does').

My machine is made by Gilera, part of the Piaggio group. Piaggio is an Italian company based in Italy. They take all of August off and close the factory.

There is no way to obtain my part until it opens again.

Thanks, Fowlers, for your sterling efforts in making sure Piaggio delivered before going off on their hols.

It Could Be Worse, of course. The part will be replaced under warranty rather than costing me £350. I still have a bike, and the good health to ride and enjoy it. My local dealer kindly lent me a secondhand 250 to be getting on with, so I was able to take part in the rally I'd already paid for and been looking forward to for a year. (I had to return it at the end of July when the tax ran out.)

Meanwhile, though, a scooterless summer is slipping away, I'm forking out loads of dosh for trains and I have an X9 Club trip to France in three and a half weeks which is suddenly looking less likely than it was.

Give me my bloody bike back, you bloody bastards.
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