June 28th, 2006

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I Saw This And Thought Of You

It's always nice when a friend sees something and thinks of you, but some of the things that apparently remind my friends of me are somewhat eclectic. (Are we surprised?)

Recently arakinuk spotted some wasabi peas in Chinatown and I immediately sprang to the forefront of his mind, presumably as the person on whom he most wanted to inflict explosive sinus pain.

You really don't want to put more than one in your mouth at a time, but that caveat aside they're a taste sensation and I can see myself becoming as addicted as I am to Peppadews™, spicy coated peanuts and green olives stuffed with pimiento.

Thank you ever so, Arakin! I'm sure I'll soon see something on my travels with your name written all over it.

PS: There is not enough room in the Music: box for I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar by The United States of America, which I listened to last night for the first time in years and is now stuck in my head, but I recommend it highly.
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Orange Vespa Huskyteer


Further on the subject of addictive snack foods: I gave blood today and there were no TUC sandwich crackers among the refreshments offered afterwards! I always look forward to a nice TUC sandwich with my Styrofoam cup of reconstituted-from-powder lemon squash and I trust this is just a temporary blip.

Luckily they still do KP Crisps, or I would have asked for my blood back.
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