March 3rd, 2006

This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Commencing Countdown, Engines On

In 2 hours: Happy Freecycler (hello friend_of_tofu) arrives to take away my loft bed, which is too high for my new bedroom. Put things in boxes.

In 4 hours: Bid tearful farewell to bed. Bid cheerful hello to friend from Down South, arriving to carry heavy boxes and get shouted at. Put more things in boxes.

In 5 hours: Continue putting things in boxes. Run out of boxes. Drink gin.

In 5½ hours: Watch The IT Crowd, unless calgor already disassembled telly.

God Knows: Go to bed mattress.

In 16½ hours: calgor picks up van. Loading commences.

In 17 hours: calgor's relations arrive to carry heavy boxes etc as above.

In 18 hours: Drive to new flat. Sign inventory. Take possession of keys.

In 18 hours 20 minutes: Unloading commences.

God Knows: Getting stuff out of boxes, setting up internet connection, reassembling furniture, discovering fearful losses, breakages, omissions etc commences.

God Knows: Getting stuff out of boxes etc ceases. Go down chippy. Drink gin.

Any bets on how much of this will go according to plan?
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