February 28th, 2006

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Life on Mars

What the hell kind of a pathetic poxy cop-out ending was that?

The writers obviously spent too much time thinking up comedy porn movie titles and not enough on a decent conclusion.

(Though it was worth it for 'Once Upon A Time In Her Vest'.)
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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

I've Lost My Keys

I have - or had, apparently - a bunch of ten Allen keys of varying sizes. I thought it was in the kitchen drawer, or possibly in the plastic cabinet where I keep bike stuff.

Without them, I can't open my thief-proof (or at least proof against thieves not carrying Allen keys) tax disc holder to change my tax disc, which expires at midnight tonight.

Where the merry hell are they, God damn it to blazes?

(Incidentally, the holder is held on to the bike with a perfectly ordinary screw. There is nothing to stop those evil tax disc thieves making away with the entire holder in order to extract the disc at their leisure.)

This is turning out in many ways to be not entirely my week.

Edit: Not six minutes after I posted this, calgor spotted it and rang up to say he had them in his car. (Similarly when I missed my cordless drill the other day it had 'got put in my room to be out of the way'. Hmm.) Hurrah! I shall have a road-legal scooter tomorrow after all!
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