January 30th, 2006

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Why I can't live alone despite professing to hate other people

  • Strange noises after dark which turn out to be a Tesco van making a delivery
  • I drink so little milk that I can't get through a one-pint container before it goes off. I must have bones like sticks of chalk
  • Pointlessness of slamming the bedroom door if there's no one to hear
  • Increase in gin consumption when you don't feel obliged to offer anyone else one
  • Possibility of getting trapped in bathroom and starving to death

Welcome home, calgor. There's a cake in the kitchen with your name on it.

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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Scooterists get more - official

I spent Saturday enjoying the MCN London Motorcycle Show at the Ally Pally.

There weren't many scooters present, but I did some important research into pillion comfort on the various machines cybersofa's considering for his next bike, and bought a back protector which makes me feel like Batman and was on an offer special enough to repay the cost of my ticket. Even if I hadn't acquired any bargains, the pleasure and entertainment derived from just mooching around in like-minded company looking at kit would have made it worthwhile.

The Torygraph, a major sponsor of the show, devoted most of its Saturday motoring section to two wheels, yet I somehow missed the article about scooter riders having better sex lives.
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