July 29th, 2005

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Springtime for Hitler

Last night I paid my second visit of the week to New York for The Producers, thanks to Oli's securing restricted-view tickets for a tenner each. The Broadway of Bialystock and Bloom is very different from that of Nathan Detroit, Sky Masterson and Nicely-Nicely Jones, but equally filled with extraordinary characters.

Only when I was sitting in the theatre did I realise that the film, which is of course superb, only features a couple of songs, and therefore I was going to be treated to all-new music and lyrics.

In fact a lot of the plot has been changed, adapted and expanded upon, and it all works brilliantly. Max's Swedish 'toy' has a much larger and more significant part; we get a chorus of gymnastic little old ladies and a parade of purple-clad gay stereotypes.

It's hugely offensive to actors, accountants, Jews, Germans, Swedes, homosexuals, pigeon-fanciers and just about everyone else, but in a rather sweet and innocent way. Mel Brooks is a genius. But I knew that from the first time I clapped eyes on an episode of Get Smart.
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