June 21st, 2005

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Purrs Like A Kitten

When I took my motorcycle test seven years ago I did it on my own bike, an 80cc scooter. This meant that I could only attain the A1 (Light Bikes) licence: I was restricted to 125cc and below for evermore.

Not being particularly keen on speed, I pottered around perfectly happily. One doesn't need a big engine for getting to and from work along the Old Kent Road, and all three of my 125s have been fine for longer journeys too. But my recent holiday convinced me that it might be nice to overtake things a bit more quickly, and ride at the national speed limit consistently rather than downhill with a following wind.

So I took a one-day refresher course with LMRT, whom I recommend highly, and took my test.

And failed.

And tried again ten working days later, which was yesterday, and passed with but one fault (pulling out while still indicating left).

Due to the funny way the licence works, it will be two years before I can ride any size of (automatic) bike I like.

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It's a 500cc Gilera Nexus. It's a sports tourer scooter capable of 100mph.

It's going to be a great summer.
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