March 31st, 2005

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Radio Free Europe

Last night I picked up a batch of letters for previous residents of the flat and set about writing 'RETURN TO SENDER' on those envelopes with a return address and opening the others to see if they contained anything important.

In one was a cheque for £600 payable to someone named Ian Hoare.

I believe there are shops in south-east London where one could cash such a cheque without too many questions asked, but I'm not that sort of person.

However, I am the sort of person who spends three hours over two evenings sourcing and downloading every single track from REM's Murmur album off Acquisition rather than fork out for it.

Funny things, scruples.
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Because it would be cool if the NHS paid for my karate lessons

It's been brought to my attention by mind_hacks that this is Mental Health Action Week and that the Mental Health Foundation is launching a year-long campaign calling for patients with depression to be offered exercise on prescription. (I think they should also bring out a trendy rubber bracelet, perhaps in black or grey, but only because I rather fancy one and don't care for any of the current causes.)

I'm all for it. I don't think exercise is a cure on its own, but I'd be the first to extol its benefits. Why, in Tuesday's class we were practising back kicks and Sensei told me I needed to extend my hips more. I complied, overbalanced and headbutted him in the groin. My mood improved dramatically, and so did everyone else's (except possibly for Sensei).
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