February 8th, 2005

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I'll play 'entendre' - oh, and it's on a double!

For some reason, being faced with a Scrabble board always turns me into an absolute potty-mouth. I've just played QUIM and SHAG in quick succession, and I'm sure there's more to come. As it were.

The problem with playing in the office is, of course, restraining the urge to launch into a victory dance at one's desk on performing a seven-letterer. ERUDITE! Booya, slemslempike!

On a completely unrelated note: well done Barclays Bank, who are encouraging everyone to print out a receipt at their ATMs in the hope of winning a day behind the scenes at a Premiership football club. In other words, please help destroy the environment and create litter by printing a receipt when you don't actually want or need one.

I was so incensed by this I almost wandered off without taking my cash from the slot. Still, better to be a derbrain than a bastard.

At least I'm an erudite derbrain.
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