July 30th, 2004

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Relative Inconvenience

On the DLR last night, the driver apologised for being 45 seconds late into South Quay and chastised us for causing delays by not being ready to get out at our stops.

45 seconds. Has the man never travelled on Connex?
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Boyz 'n The Hood

Nyder and I went to see Thunderbirds last night.

It's worth the ticket price for the fantastic opening titles. After that, leave the cinema as quickly as possible and go for a drink.

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Frankly, I'm sure the other eight people in the audience welcomed our loud conversation about possible Torchy the Battery Boy slash as an interesting diversion.
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The Fall of Troy

To be honest, I wasn't that torn up about the mess Studio Canal and chums made of Thunderbirds because Thunderbirds was never my Thing; Stingray was, and to a lesser extent Joe 90. Hollywood messes with either of those, there's going to be trouble. Particularly if one of the Culkin spawn gets cast as Joe.

Stingray was the only Gerry Anderson show I actually saw as a small child, before I could notice that the storylines were incredibly hokey, the actors were on strings and the model shots had been filmed in a fishtank. So it's the one that has real magic for me as well as the ironic retro appeal of the ones I only caught in BBC2's suppertime slot as a teenager.

In spite of myself, though, I began idly wondering about a live-action Stingray. Who to cast as the impossibly handsome Troy Tempest, and would he require Botox injections to keep one eyebrow in a state of permanent quirk?

So I asked our old friend Analogia, the website that tells you which famous faces most resemble a photo you upload.

Who is the Troyest of them all?

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