June 27th, 2004

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I'm A Citizens For Boysenberry Jam Fan

addedentry and I went to a Pick Your Own farm this afternoon for late gooseberries and early tayberries.

I like picking fruit, for an hour or so - it satisfies the hunter/gatherer/treasure-seeker urge - but I am glad that our society has evolved to a point at which frivolous careers like Web Designer can exist; I should hate to be a peasant.

It was all very educational. Before today, I had no idea what gooseberry bushes actually looked like - so my chances of having children have dramatically increased. Looking for jam recipes on the internet, I learned that Gooseberry Jam is the name of a cocktail involving vodka, Southern Comfort and Blue Curaçao, which makes actual gooseberry jam seem rather dull. And subsequently I learned that a kilogram of fruit plus a kilogram of sugar makes a heck of a lot of jam (four jars and an overflow bowl, to be precise).

Now to think of something to do with the tayberries. Flavoured vodka, I reckon.
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