June 4th, 2004

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When Life Gives You Lemons With Razorblades In

Yesterday was a crappy day.

I was in a miserable mood for no good reason, and when I got in from work all I wanted to do was curl up in front of the Internet and then go to bed. But no, I thought. I shall not hide from the world, I thought. I shall put on my hap-hap-happy face and go to football practice, and I shall feel better.

While we were playing, someone stole my motorcycle helmet from out of my (locked) top box.

It could be worse, of course. They didn't get the whole scooter this time, and I've been saying for months that my helmet was getting tatty and I ought to get round to buying a new one. But it's a huge hassle - I had to leave the bike in Rotherhithe overnight and take addedentry's helmet over there this evening to pick it up - and an invasion of my privacy. I'll never feel safe leaving stuff in my top box again, and I paid a hundred quid for that thing.

It's all right, I'm done with being upset now. I've moved on to angry.

They STOLE my helmet. They STOLE my gloves. And they STOLE my furry fucking Dalmatian ears. Cunts.
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