June 3rd, 2004

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Hubris and Nemesis

I checked my Guestbook on Ciao to find the following message:
Congratulations, You have been awarded a Bronze Trophy in the Ciao Awards 2004. Could I please have your acceptance speech in around 25 words so that I may add it to the winners review. Fionaxx
Aha! think I. At last my writing skills are receiving the recognition and appreciation they richly deserve!

So I follow the link to see what award I have won. Scroll down...scroll down...scroll down...

'Best Profile Picture'.

Marvellous. (I know they were voting for the dog, too.)
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Now this is the kind of all-staff email I like

To: All members of Staff
Subject: Coffee Tasting Day

I would like to invite all staff to take part in a coffee tasting day tomorrow 04/06/2004 at 10.30am until 3.00pm.

You will be required to taste six different coffees and asked to fill out a questionnaire.

I do hope you will all be able to take part and the one chosen as the best will be put forward as a proposal for SMT's approval to change to the preferred brand.

Many Thanks
Bring it on!
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