May 20th, 2004

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Secrets of my Socks Life

I discovered a few weeks ago that I was teetering on the brink of a major sock crisis.

Socks are one thing I'm generally not short of, because I like 'em. But several of my old faithfuls had surrendered to holes within days of each other, leaving me dangerously exposed.

So, over the last fortnight I have bought:
  • Two pairs of grey socks with Harry Potter motifs
  • One pair of khaki socks with a cartoon girl performing martial arts
  • Two pairs of red and orange Lion King socks from the Disney Store
  • Two pairs of red, white and blue Three Lions socks (I couldn't give a flying burrito about the England football team, but blue cartoon lions have gotta be good)
Crisis averted!

What? It's a harmless enough hobby - right, le_loup_peint?
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