May 7th, 2004

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That flyin' fuzzball Lars Flink has got himself an LJ to improve his English. Pop along and help him out at swedish_lars!

Hugely insulting to anyone for whom English is a second language, and doubly so for Scandinavians as the journal is actually set up in Danish, this being the nearest available option in the Customize Language doohickey.

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Show us yer MiGs!

Not being at all sure what there was to do in Prague, before we left I put 'aviation museum prague' into Google on the offchance. To my joy, there actually is an aviation museum in Prague, and a jolly good one it is too.

It does necessitate a bus journey into the suburbs, but this was far quicker and painlesser than we were expecting. The museum is free and comprises three large hangars plus an outdoor area for the largest exhibits.

There was a significant Soviet presence, as you might expect, with fighters going as far back as the MiG 5 and even a couple of big ol' Tupolev or Ilyushin airliners out on the field. One of the later MiGs had been to 1994's RIAT, according to a sticker on its side, so I probably saw it there.

I knew zip about Czech aviation, so it was very interesting to see native planes from post-First World War to the present. Avia and Aero were/are the chief Czech marques, producing fighters as well as planes for leisure and competition.

The museum had started to translate its information panels into English but only got as far as 1924, so anything later than that was a bit of a mystery. We gathered that many Czech pilots escaped the fall of Czechoslovakia in the Second World War and flew for the RAF, as seen in the superb Dark Blue World, but the significance of many of the relics was lost to us.

The postwar to present day hangar had more shiny and unfamiliar aircraft - and spacecraft, with a display about Soyuz and the first Czech astronaut. As an added bonus, a blonde babe in uniform was recruiting for the armed forces and gave us sweeties and pencils despite the low probability of any of us joining the Czech Army.

A unique day out, if planes are your thang. Recommended.
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