April 2nd, 2004

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Do-be-do-be-do, Inspector Gadget...

There's been a spate of technology-purchasing around these parts lately. Boss and Colleague have both bought themselves state-of-the-art colour mobile phone/PDA/digital camera units (with the same ringtone, causing great confusion - ho ho!); then there's dakegra and his brief, passionate affair with the Apple Newton.

I began to get that gadget-buying urge. It's infectious. I love my gizmos, me; I seldom move without at least one piece of pocket-sized wizardry about my person. One thing I didn't have, however, was a PDA. And I remembered that several years ago, I hankered after a Handspring Visor Deluxe. Not because it undercut and outperformed Palm's equivalent model, nor because plugin expansion packs made it infinitely adaptable, though both of these are true, but for the USP that no palmtop before or since has emulated: it came in translucent orange.

I couldn't afford one at the time, but technology has moved on apace and they can now be picked up on eBay for £20 - £40 (I got mine for £26 plus three quid P&P).

It's great. It provides everything I wanted: calendar, To-Do list, memo pad. The Graffiti writing system is quick n'easy, although I sometimes struggle with G. I use it for shopping lists, quick aides-memoire that in pre-Visor days I would have scrawled on the back of my hand in Biro, paragraphs of fanfic and random Grate Thorts that might otherwise have been lost to posterity. And imagine my joy when I discovered you can run Neko on it!

The only minor bummer was getting a model with a serial plug on the end of its docking cradle rather than the USB version. Marvellously, though, cybersofa had a Handpsring some years ago and knackered it, meaning that a USB cradle was going begging. So, in the spirit of sharing the love, if anyone out there has use for a cradle with a 9-pin plug...?