March 25th, 2004

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When fields are ripe and swelled with rain

Ammunition for those doom-mongers who claim that spring is getting unnaturally early: the last few days' weather can only be described as 'April showers'.

I rode back from work yesterday in bright sunshine, but the sky up ahead was an ominous slate-grey. My only thought was to get home before I was thoroughly pissed on.

Then I turned a corner and there was the rainbow. A complete arch, spanning the sky, with the fainter, inverted outer bow just visible. All for me (and everyone else on the Old Kent Road).

The Usborne First Guide to the Universe my grandad gave me when I was a wee thing managed to explain the science of rainbows without in the least detracting from their majesty or mystique. Amongst other curious facts designed to delight a six-year-old's heart, it states that if you view a rainbow from above, for instance from an aeroplane, it appears as a perfect circle.

I still hope to see this some day.

At New Cross Gate the heavens opened, I got soaked through my no-longer-waterproof Furygan jacket, the gutters flooded, and some idiot caused a lengthy delay by ramming the back of a Transit van.
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