March 8th, 2004

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Where's My Damn Stuff, Dammit?

Last month, I placed an order at for Eric Meyer's soon-to-be-published Cascading Style Sheets: the definitive guide. In order to push my total over the magic £25 mark and qualify for FREE Super Saver Delivery, I also ordered Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - I've wanted my own copy for ages.

As the estimated delivery date of March 5/6 had passed, I checked Where's My Stuff? to see what was up. The CSS book is now to be delivered on April 11/12; I assume the UK publication date has been pushed back. However, my other book has just vanished into the ether. It hasn't been dispatched and it's no longer showing up on the order. It's not in Open Orders or Completed Orders or All 2004 Orders. It's gone, man.

I'll have to wait until I get home and can check my bank statement, but I'm pretty sure I've already been charged for it, too. I rather hope I have; at least then I'll have proof that I didn't imagine ordering it.

I'm really sick of Amazon's ceaseless cockups. If this keeps up I may start buying my books from actual bookshops again.
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Lean, Mean and Green

Yesterday I took, and passed, my karate grading. So now I'm a green belt - or, if you prefer, sixth Kyu. Ki-yi!

(I go into the grading process in tedious detail here, for those who missed it first time round. The kata for green and blue belt is Saifa, which translates as 'Smash And Destroy'.)
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