February 29th, 2004

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Don't you just love being in control?

[For foreign readers, I should point out that the title is from an old British Gas ad and has nothing to do with Get Smart.]

Gas back on by ten on Friday night. Two hours without is a mere nothing in these parts, so hoorah. Although we're told that once water gets into the system, which is what's happened, it can be several months before everything is sorted out once and for all. And by that time it'll be summer anyway.

Had a very cultural weekend, one way or another. I arrived at this month's londonfurs venue just as the majority of the Thunderbolt Black posse were heading off for the Imperial War Museum, so I promptly left again. (Sorry to anyone for whom I was as a ship that passes in the night.)

The IWM is always fun, though it needs updating - where are the War On Terror and Gulf War 2 exhibits, eh? But where else can you be disturbed by Edith Cavell's faithful dog, rescued and taken back to Blighty after his mistress's execution and later stuffed for posterity, or see the engine of the plane in which the Red Baron met his death?

The ladies' loos looked like a bomb had hit them, which is appropriate but not very nice.

Today addedentry's parents were in town to see the 'Buried Treasure' exhibition at the British Museum, so we tagged along. I do find it charmingly British that so many discoveries of major historical importance have been made by random blokes with metal detectors, and that the blokes then happily handed their gold and silver booty over to the Crown rather than flogging it (with one or two exceptions, like the chap who used the Mildenhall Treasure to eat his dinner off until a visiting neighbour spotted it and insisted he give it up).

We ate Dutch last night at a pancake restaurant on High Holborn, Italian at lunchtime today in the same area, and purchased biscuits from the French market in Lewisham yesterday (two stalls, one selling biscuits and one sausages made from venison, boar or 'Biff'). Food counts as Culture too, right?
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