September 17th, 2003

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Hung one more year on the line

(with apologies to footpad, who used that line before me only because his birthday happens to fall earlier in the year.)

For a working day, my birthday was surprisingly nice - apart from having to deliver an inhouse tutorial on Cascading Style Sheets to my web team colleages, which did hang over me rather. I've spent so many birthdays in crappy temp jobs where nobody knew or cared that it was my special day that it made a nice change to be presented with a card and a generous sum in gift vouchers, and taken out to lunch by my boss.

Even getting out of bed, usually the worst part of any day, was mitigated by having Presents to open. I won't provide an exhaustive list because I don't want to come across as some kind of possessionhead, but I have one more plush husky than I did before (they'll need their own web page soon) and a very lovely Vespa bracelet to comfort me during the far too many hours when I can't actually be out on my scooter.

The evening was spent at the Bridewell Theatre seeing Brenda Bly - Teen Detective. I was hoping it would be a sort of cross between Daisy Pulls It Off and Dick Barton The Musical. Which it was, with just a touch of Return to the Forbidden Planet. Highly recommended, if you like retro comedy musicals. And especially if you have a trenchcoat fetish. (Just me then? Oh.)

Unfortunately this meant I missed simbani's phone call from the USA, but I did enjoy the wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday he left on my voicemail. Expect reciprocation on the 24th, heh heh!
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