June 5th, 2003

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Are Huskies The New Poodles?

OK, I admit I might be slightly oversensitive to media coverage of huskies. But they do seem to be the It Dog for this season.

First it was a feature in the Saturday Times Magazine about a Russian model whose name I don't recall, who was photographed with two of the creatures to emphasise her wild natural beauty or something.

Then Goldfrapp, who, I am led to believe, is ultracool ATM, appeared with a husky in the Evening Standard.

And last weekend, no lesser luminary than Morrissey was pictured snuggling a Sibe in a Guardian Guide plug for his upcoming documentary. Which although no fan I will have to watch, not only to see if doggy turns up but for the promised footage of the star 'having tea with a slightly spaced out-looking Nancy Sinatra'. Hmm - tea, or Summer Wine?
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