June 2nd, 2003

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Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow

Had a scare last night, about ten minutes after my last post.

Lara, for thus my iMac is named, had been on and chuntering away merrily for several hours. I'd come offline and was waiting for a document to scan, not touching anything, when suddenly there was a very ominous electrical crackle which would probably be represented in a comic as bzzzt, and everything died.

I tried various combos of plugs in and out of different sockets and switching on and off, but I couldn't get a response out of any of my devices. It looked horribly as though my four-way adaptor, which had been powering my peripherals for years with no problems, had suddenly blown and caused a MASSIVE POWER SURGE, as I believe it's technically known. It seemed probable that I was looking at a toasted iMac, and more than likely a toasted printer, scanner, USB hub, disk drive...

To make everything extra peachy, I've been working the last couple of weeks on a freelance web design project due to launch 'beginning of June'. I was just tweaking the last few files, after which I was going to back up the whole works to floppy.

Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!!

I did the only thing I could think of in the circumstances: poured out some vodka and went off to watch telly.

The drink must have lubricated some part of my brain, as halfway through Six Feet Under I thought of one last thing I could try before accepting that I was now the proud owner of a large lump o' chip jewellery.

I wiggled the power lead.

Booted up and the power button lit up green and I got a bong, which was a hell of a lot more that I'd coaxed out of it for the past half hour. Now, though, a tense wait for the facial expression on my Mac icon.

... ... ... ...

My Mac was a smiley Mac! Praise God! I staggered about the flat for some time breathing 'Happy Mac! Happy Mac!' and, I admit, weeping. I won't begin to think about how in the X-files the lead disconnected itself when I was several feet away from the machine - I was back in action.

Hell of an incentive to back up my files, though.
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