April 3rd, 2003

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The Russia House Clearance

I've been busily clearing stuff out so I can move and, er, immediately start acquiring more stuff. I'm not good at letting things go; last week I spent hours sorting through my possessions and managed after much soul-searching to dispose of two promotional trading cards and a small plastic hyena. Did a bit better today though.

I have cleared my bookshelves to the extent that there is some space on them, which is impressive indeedy. Usually all that happens when I prune my bookshelves is that the books piled on the tops of the books on the shelves move onto the shelves themselves, filling them straight up again.

This has largely been achieved by chucking all my John Le Carrés except for Our Game. This in turn was made possible by finally finding the courage to admit that I don't like Le Carré, except for Looking-glass War,and The Russia House. In particular I can't stand anything with George Smiley in. If we're talking seminal spy literature I'll take The IPCRESS File any day.

Other things I don't really need to keep included the notes from my Reuters Basic Journalism Course on which we covered breaking news stories from the fictional republic of Evanya (capital: Edina, principal exports: cars and boy bands).

Plus I was throwing out old till receipts and found a book of 12 second class stamps with 11 left. Marvellous.
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