March 1st, 2003

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Meal fit for a maharajah

I ate well last night. I don't mean healthily, I mean well.

Ten minutes' drive up the road (half an hour by bus) is the Babur Brasserie. Definitely an 'Indian restaurant' rather than a 'curry house', it has frequent special menus showcasing, say, fish dishes, or cuisine from a particular region. At the moment it's Winter Game.

addedentry went for the Hare Bhuna while I - and I hesitate to say this in front of jiggery_pokery, who is fully entitled to retaliate by going out and eating a husky - I dined on Masala Mallard. This had a one tiger head rating (Fairly Hot) and tasted out of this world. I followed it up with a Byculla Yacht Club Soufflé: 'a secret blend of four little-known liqueurs spin a symphony in cream'.

Back to pasta-n-pesto tonight, then.

(Meanwhile: like Queen? Like sci-fi/fantasy? You'll hate this then.)
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