February 24th, 2003

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Call that job satisfaction? cause I do

Now this is what Tiggers like: going through a website making minute corrections to things that only I would ever spot, eradicating unwanted lines of white space, making semi-colons bold and returning stray apostrophes to the fold. And removing all the extra font tags that smegging Dreamweaver likes to barf into the middle of a word - yea, even unto MX.

Before getting down to brass tacks, however, I had the inevitable Health & Safety briefing. I knew I was in for a rough hour when I heard "First I have to show you how to hold the mouse properly." Still, at least I know the location of every fire extinguisher in the building - which should be useful at parties.

It transpires, though, that I had broken the website Terms and Conditions before I even started:
You are not to link to this website or frame it without our express prior permission.

which of course I did in this very journal last week. Don't tell, will you?
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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Un pour tous et tous pour un

Found the French lyrics to the Dogtanian theme! See them here.

It's hard to find information on the show in French because they stupidly gave it the same title as the original novel: Les Trois Mousquetaires. I had to search for '"les trois mousquetaires" chiens chanson'.

Full marks to Babelfish for translating 'Break musical' as 'Musical station wagon', too.
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