February 3rd, 2003

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How insensitive of Channel 4 to go ahead with last night's screening of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, which contains not only a reference to 'blowing your O-ring' (the cause of the Challenger disaster) but the line "Bolton, we have a problem"!

Worse, next week they're putting on Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me with its famous space shuttle shaped like a giant...

Tsk tsk. Clearly they need someone to check all their comedy spy movies for potentially upsetting reminders of topical events. Now who could do that?
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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Dumb Recruiter Awards 2003

So many nominations already, and it's only February!
  1. The IT recruitment agency who rang me up today to ask if I was available immediately for a short-term contract...in Liverpool. Suddenly commuting to Barking doesn't seem so wacko after all.

  2. The London Borough of Brent, for seeing fit to produce a PDF application form on which all the text is light blue. Way to waste my colour cartridge, dudes!

  3. The Catholic Institution for International Relations, who require a Part-Time Web Officer (pro rata salary, 'part-time' not defined) with 'a minimum of three years' experience...particularly using Macromedia MX software'. They don't mention time travel as an essential skill but presumably it is since MX came out, er, less than a year ago by my count.
All these genii have jobs. I don't. What's wrong with this picture?
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