January 8th, 2003

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Two inches of snow and the whole damn country grinds to a halt

Back to the police today to explain to the Media and Communications Officer how one writes web pages and publishes them to the Intranet. We were supposed to meet at 10; he didn't get in till ten to twelve then went into a meeting at 12:30. In the afternoon we moved from the conference room because a trapped bluebottle was making him nervous, then he took some phone calls, then he had to go and meet someone at Euston. So I've put off actually explaining how HTML works till tomorrow. I'm a coward.

Meanwhile the sky teemed with snowflakes all morning, the trees were laced with white, my scooter collected a two-inch drift on the dash and saddle, and I kicked myself soundly for not bringing my camera. Hooked up with addedentry at lunch and we built a snow lion in the park, in the face of heavy enemy snowballing.

I don't want to go to karate tonight. I want to go sledging.
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