January 6th, 2003

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If I Had My Way...

A compulsory Open University course for anyone contemplating a house share.


Where To Put Empty Lager Cans
Eliminating Toilet Smells: Basic [Shutting the Door]
Eliminating Toilet Smells: Advanced [Air Freshener]
Hoovering for Dummies
Washing Up for Total Dummies
The Etiquette of Using Other People's PlayStations
Things Civilised People Do 1: Drawing the Curtains
Things Civilised People Do 2: Asking Before You Put the Telly On
Things Civilised People Do 3: Giving Back Things You Borrow
Toast without Tears
Putting Things Back Where They Came From [multiple-choice paper]
Phone Bills: Basic [Paying Before You Get A Red Reminder]
Phone Bills: Advanced [Division]
Nobody Else Likes Marmite

Dissertation topics

Having Sex Quietly
Whose Milk Is It Anyway?
Why We Don't Leave The Windows Wide Open In January
When Does Loud Music Become Antisocial?
Do Bins Empty Themselves?
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Golden brown

I visited HobbyCraft today and bought a Lion King counted cross stitch kit of cub Simba. (If you did a double-take at the thought of me doing something so girly: didn't your mother tell you it's rude to stereotype?)

It comes with all the thread you need to complete the project. However, according to the enclosed list this means I have to work out which of the bundled-up lengths of thread is Pale Pink, which is Medium Pink, which Dusky Coral and which Dark Coral. I wouldn't mind, but all these different pinks take up a few millimetres of Simba's nose and mouth. And even when those are sorted I still have to work out the difference between Tan Brown and Dark Gold, not to mention Yellow and Straw Yellow.

Should've gone for a tiger kit instead.
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