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Ace Weekend

insofox is not only a big fan of comedy and improvisation, but also quite the geek on the subject and very interested in how it works - and indeed if it works. To this end, he most bravely and kindly organised an improvisation night (hosted chez calgor / huskyteer) for eight participants and one onlooker (shame on you, vicky82tiger!).

In the grand tradition of comedy troupes, there was a male to female ratio of 7:1. I hope I wasn't also the unfunny forgettable one, which is all too often the case.

Many of the games we played we had seen in action at The Comedy Store. My favourite by far was Guess the Job, in which a victim (silvante, in this case) is sent out of the room and the rest of the team decides on an unlikely and convoluted job description for him. On his return a setting is chosen for the scene (we settled on a jelly factory) and the victim has to work out what he does for a living from hints and puns conveyed by the other participants as the sketch progresses.

I thought this was a bit ambitious for a bunch of beginners, but it's amazing how many words sound like 'giraffe' if you put your mind to it.

Inso has provided a far more detailed and technical write-up; it only remains for me to say what fun it was and how nice to see everyone - particularly anthropuppy, as it's been yonks.

On Sunday I got a helping of two of my favourite things, bikes and pets, on the Paws n' Claws Pet Food Run from the Ace Cafe to the nearby Mayhew Animal Home.

On the way to the Ace I rode into what I thought was thick fog, but was probably smoke from the oil depot at Hemel Hempstead. Ooh!

We were a small group of a dozen or so plus bolt-on celebrity Louise Brady, whose brown Triumph Thruxton I took great pleasure in beating away from the lights. The (nice but potty, as is always the way at these places) staff were delighted to see us and our gifts of dog and cat food. Photos were taken, then most of us went for a look round.

Attracted by insistent meowing, I looked in the end pen of the cat block and met a friendly-faced tom who was so desperate for attention he jumped up and clung to the wire of his enclosure so he could press himself against it for strokes. I was allowed into the pen to cuddle him, whereupon he started purring like a Ducati and determinedly snuggling up to me.

I couldn't possibly have a cat at the moment, as I keep telling myself, but if anyone's in the market for a large tabby-and-white with a lot of love to give: his name's Hunter and he is undoubtedly going to make someone very happy indeed.
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