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Not quite Mufasa

Snow lion

The thing about snow lions is, they're white, and the thing about snow is, it's white...but you get the general idea, yes?

(It struck me today that all the parents who forked out for Christmas hols in Lapland because it hasn't snowed in this country in little Johnny's lifetime must be really hacked off.)

Someone at work asked me if I'd read the LOTR Most Secret Diaries. This indicates a higher degree of Web savvy than I'd hitherto assumed among my colleagues. Time to start friends-onlying work-related posts perhaps.

Spent today instructing the person to whom I am handing the reins of the Intranet system in basic HTML. Must ensure I neglect to tell him something vital so I keep getting called in on a consultancy basis. Although the more people who know how easy HTML really is, the less likely I am to get a job, I do enjoy imparting my immense knowledge. Quite fancy myself as a Computer Studies teacher actually...

"But Miss, Miss, it's not fair Miss! Our old teacher never made us hand-code imagemaps!"
"Be quiet and close your P tags like I told you to!"
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