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Walk Right Back

Heading down to Dorset tonight, and on Sunday I shall be taking kowarth to see the Everly Brothers at the BIC. It's his belated birthday treat - can't stand 'em myself.

Oh, all right.

I first encountered the Everlies through Simon & Garfunkel's enthusiastic cover of 'Bye, Bye Love' on Bridge Over Troubled Water. Later I learned that Paul and Art counted the duo as a major influence on their work, which was enough for me to scoop up a Greatest Hits LP at a car boot sale.

It's hard not to like their sweet harmonies, catchy tunes and preoccupation with young love, usually lost ('I want you to tell me why you walked out on me, I'm so lonesome every day') but occasionally found ('Each time we meet, love, I find complete love'). The lyrics may be simple and often trite, but they're delivered with a wonderful sincerity.

Much like Simon and Garfunkel, their successful career was stalled by explosive disagreements and a decade of bitterness before they became buddies again in the 1980s and resumed touring. I've twice seen them backing up their descendants on the rock family tree on the 'Old Friends' tour, and for two men approaching their 70s their performance was spectacular. Let's see if they can sustain being the main event - I reckon they're up to it.

Here are five of my favourite Everly Brothers numbers.

  1. Wake Up, Little Susie

    Synopsis: Boy and girl fall asleep in the cinema during a dull movie and fear their loved ones will think they've been doing the naughty
    Best line: What're we gonna tell your mama? What're we gonna tell your Pa? What're we gonna tell our friends when they say 'Ooh la la!'?
    Comments: What indeed?

  2. (All I Have To Do Is) Dream

    Synopsis: I love you so much that I think about you when I'm in bed
    Best line: Only trouble is - gee whiz! - I'm dreaming my life away
    Comments: Like a more innocent version of the DiVinyls' 'I Touch Myself'

  3. Cryin' In The Rain

    Synopsis: If you save weeping over your broken heart for occasions when it's raining, nobody will notice
    Best line: Some day when my crying's done, I'll hold my head up high and walk in the sun
    Comments: I don't think this works, even if you have the iron self-control to carry it out

  4. Ebony Eyes

    Synopsis: Hero's fiancée dies in a plane crash on the way to the wedding, but it's all right because he'll see her in heaven
    Best line: Would those having relatives or friends on flight number twelve-oh-three please report to the chapel across the street at once?
    Comments: One of my very favourite death disks

  5. Cathy's Clown

    Synopsis: Narrator decides he's had enough of being jerked around by a lady named Cathy
    Best line: Don't want your love any more. Don't want your kisses, that's for sure
    Comments: The first original Everly composition and the song with which the brothers exited the '50s and entered the '60s, going from college boys in buttoned-up shirts to beatniks in rollnecks

I'll be hoping for all these and more on Sunday!

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